The Poland Corporation offers the highest quality firewood for sale by the cord delivered locally in Western Maine

We have the best hardwood firewood for your individual needs whether you are looking for seasoned firewood or green firewood to be delivered in Maine by the cord.  The Poland Corporation is a family owned and operated business who strives to give our customers the best possible experience working with us. Please give us a call or send us an email to discuss your firewood needs.  We are happy to discuss special orders for custom lengths, special delivery requests or simply discuss if we deliver to your location or answer any questions you may have.


Seasoned Hardwood Firewood

The Poland Corporation offers high-quality seasoned firewood for sale in Maine by the cord.  Our seasoned firewood is harvested locally from hardwood timber in the Western Maine woods.  We harvest trees and then de-limb them into tree length logs to process. We process our tree length logs with our own processor in order to maintain our high-quality standards as well as to maintain consistent size with even lengths.  Our firewood processor cuts and splits our firewood into 16″ length wood, as well as in custom lengths, that we season and sell.  We deliver seasoned hardwood firewood to homes, camps, and businesses locally in Maine.  

Green Hardwood Firewood

The Poland Corporation offers green firewood for sale in Maine by the cord (along with our seasoned hardwood firewood).  Our green firewood is the same high quality hardwood product we use for our seasoned firewood, but it is freshly cut and processed (not seasoned).  We will deliver green firewood for you to season at home or at your business yourself.  

Hardwood Firewood

We use beech, birch, maple, oak and ash wood for our hardwood firewood for sale by the cord.

Firewood Delivery

We mostly deliver firewood within a 20 mile radius of The Poland Corporation’s office in West Paris, Maine throughout most of Oxford County, to Sunday River Ski Resort, local camps and campgrounds, local homes and businesses and beyond.  We deliver our seasoned firewood and our green firewood to the following towns in Maine:  West Paris, Bethel, Andover, Woodstock, Greenwood, Sumner, Hartford, Buckfield, Norway, Paris, South Paris, Oxford, Otisfield, Waterford, Newry, Locke Mills, Minot, Mechanic Falls and Harrison.  If you live outside of this area or have a special request, please call us to discuss.

Firewood Lengths Offered

We offer our firewood in a 16″ length and we offer custom lengths by special order.  Please call or email us for custom length orders.

Firewood Orders

We accept firewood orders by the cord to be delivered.  Please call us to place your order and for current pricing.  We strive to provide an excellent customer experience and deliver a premium firewood product to your home or business in the cord load size you request.

Firewood Payments

The Poland Corporation accepts cash or check either in advance or upon delivery for green and seasoned hardwood firewood cord sales.