Sand, Gravel & Rock

The Poland Corporation owns three gravel pits locally and has sand, gravel and rock readily available for pick up or delivery.  We deliver 3 yard to 18 yard loads to homes and businesses in our local area. The Poland Corporation Offers the following Sand, Gravel & Rock Materials for sale:

4"-6" RipRap (erosion control stone)

Used for erosion control; landscape border and edging; keeping mulch and gravel in beds.  Rip Rap, also known as rip-rap, shot rock, rock armor or rubble.  Rip-Rap is great way to add a clean, finished, professional look to water features, retention ponds and landscape beds.

4" Minus Crushed Ledge (four inch minus crushed gravel)

Heavy gravel used as a base for heavy construction and road construction.

1 1/2" (inch and a half) crushed ledge (crushed gravel)

Good for building up roads.

3/4" (three quarter inch) crushed ledge (crushed gravel)

Used for road and driveway surfacing.

1-1/2" (inch and a half) crushed rock (crushed stone)

1-1/2 inch crushed stone is all crushed rocks that have all passed through a 1-1/2 inch square screen.

Clean stone that is typically used as drainage stone and for drip edges around buildings.

3/4" (three quarter inch) crushed stone

Stone comes in a variety of sizes, but most recommend 3/4 inch gravel, or crushed stone, for paver bases.  Crushed stone makes a solid paver base because it allows water drainage and is easy to work with.

3/8" (three eighths inch) crushed stone

3/8″ crushed stone is an extremely popular crushed stone product in the construction industry and is used for a variety of projects and construction jobs.  The more popular uses are for the base of driveways, stone driveways, areas with poor drainage and walkways.  it is also commonly used as a landscaping element around trees and in other areas such as garden paths.  This product is also a great base for patios, concrete sidewalks and concrete driveways.

Crusher Dust (may also be called stone dust, rock dust or quarry dust)

A Course sand made up from crushed concrete bricks and more.  Compacts very solidly making it ideal for the sub-base for paving and retaining walls. This material is used for pathways.  Packs well and is an alternative to decomposed granite in many applications.

Screened Sand

Our bank run sand that has been screened to give uniformity in size.

Bank Run Sand

Sand pulled out of the bank of a gravel pit used for a variety of road, constuition and landscaping projects.  It is strong and durable making it a top choice for a sub-base for roads and driveways.  Bank run sand will also help laying down pavers because it will hold them securely in place.

Heavy Natural Rocks, Stones & Boulders

The Poland Corporation offers a variety of heavy natural rocks, stones, boulders and garden rocks for landscaping, hardscaping, rock retaining walls and accents.  Our rocks, stones and boulders are sourced locally in Maine.

Loam (Screened Loam)

Screened loam is top soil that has been run through a screen and is free of debris. The Poland Corporation has screened loam readily available for pick up or delivery.  We deliver 3 yard to 18 yard loads to homes and businesses in our local area.

Salt & Sand

A mix of salt and sand is used for ice or snow covered roads.  Salt is used to melt ice and sand is used for increased traction.  Salt & Sand mix is used in Maine during the winter months to help melt ice and give traction on driveways, parking lots and roads.  The Poland Corporation has Salt & Sand for sale and delivery as well as providing a salt and sand service.


We have the best hardwood firewood for your individual needs whether you are looking for seasoned firewood or green firewood to be delivered in Maine by the cord.


The Poland Corporation offers high quality feed hay and premium horse hay for sale in Maine. Our hay is mowed, tedded and baled in West Paris, Maine using square bales.